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When it comes to open-world adventures, few developers are quite as well regarded as Bethesda. Having cemented its place among the genre's heaviest hitters with top-tier franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, anticipation for the studio's first new IP in more than two decades was sky-high, yet it seems fair to say that the developer has once again been able to deliver on all of the hype. Starfield provides players with an out-of-this-world adventure that fans of open-world games will not want to miss out on.

Starfield Review
Bethesda's epic-scale sci-fi RPG Starfield delivers on all its promises, offering a Skyrim-level experience that will be played for years to come.

The game features an excellent main story and a strong cast of characters with whom players should be able to relate. As with all great Bethesda games though, it's the side content that really helps Starfield to shine. Players will constantly be stumbling upon new opportunities for adventure and can find plenty of other distractions through the game's crafting and outpost-building mechanics should they so wish. For those looking to squeeze every last drop of fun out of the title, Game Rant's complete guide to Starfield is well worth a read.