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The Thaumaturge

The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG set in 1905 Warsaw, Poland. Players take on the role of Wiktor, who can see entities called Salutors that normal humans cannot. It features isometric gameplay, turn-based combat, morally ambiguous choices, unique character development features, investigation mechanics, and much, much more.

February 20, 2024
Fool's Theory
11 Bit Studios
Adventure , RPG


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How the Inclusion of Rasputin Shaped CRPG The Thaumaturge

Game Rant speaks with The Thaumaturge's design director to learn how the involvement of Rasputin influenced the game's development.

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The Thaumaturge Dev Talks Challenges of Making a New IP

Game Rant speaks to The Thaumaturge developer Fool's Theory about developing its original universe and using it to tell meaningful stories.

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The Thaumaturge Dev Talks Salutors, Thaumaturgy, and More

In a Game Rant interview, Fool's Theory Design Director Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz talks about The Thaumaturge's Salutors, magic, and more.

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How The Thaumaturge's Investigations Add to Gameplay and Worldbuilding

The Thaumaturge's design director tells Game Rant how investigations fit into Wiktor's skillset, and how they differ from the ones in The Witcher.

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Why The Thaumaturge's Poland Setting is so Important to Fool's Theory

Game Rant speaks with The Thaumaturge's design director about the upcoming CRPG's setting and why it is so important to Fool's Theory.

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The Thaumaturge Dev Gives Deep Dive into Gameplay Mechanics and More

During a recent Game Rant interview, The Thaumaturge's design director explains the various elements that define the supernatural CRPG's gameplay.

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The Thaumaturge Dev Dives into Early Development, Influences, and More

The Thaumaturge's design director details the earliest days of the game's development, as well as how its past work has influenced it.

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The Thaumaturge's Word, Heart, Deed, and Mind Mechanics Explained

A Game Rant interview unveils more about The Thaumaturge's Word, Heart, Deed, and Mind mechanics and how they impact Salutors and gameplay.

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The Thaumaturge: Meet Protagonist Wiktor

Fool's Theory provides a new glimpse at The Thaumaturge's protagonist Wiktor Szulski, his story, and his abilities in a Game Rant interview.

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The Thaumaturge Reveals New Salutor Morana [EXCLUSIVE]

As part of this Game Rant Advance, we exclusively reveal the new Salutor Morana who's coming to story-driven RPG The Thaumaturge.

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How The Thaumaturge's Salutors Blend History with the Supernatural

The Thaumaturge's most impressive element is how its roster of supernatural Salutors is worked into a narrative surrounding real-world history.