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Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a sci-fi action role playing game where players interact with multiple factions, engage in combat, customize their main character and ship, as well as explore a universe that features over 100 systems and 1,000 planets.

starfield game

PC , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S
September 6, 2023
Action , RPG


starfield impressive outpost build 1
Starfield Player Shows Off Impressive Outpost Build

After 330 hours of playtime, a Starfield player builds an impressive outpost that's fully functional, easy to navigate, and lavishly decorated.

starfield player comes across solitude great arch skyrim 1
Starfield Player Points Out Location That Looks Reminiscent to Solitude From Skyrim

While exploring one of the many moons of Starfield, a player comes across a location bearing a strong resemblance to Solitude from Skyrim.

best-rpg-2023-remnant-2-star-ocean-baldurs-gate-3-game-rant 1
The 10 Best RPGs of 2023

Perhaps no other gaming genre shone more brightly in 2023 than RPGs, with the year's Game of the Year winner in tow to prove it.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC 1
Starfield's Shattered Space DLC Needs to Expand on One Underused Mechanic

The Shattered Space DLC can set itself apart from Starfield's vanilla content by focusing on one of the base game's most underutilized mechanics.

starfield-dev-claims-players-are-disconnected-from-the-realities-of-game-developing 1
Starfield Dev Claims Players Are Disconnected from the Realities of Game Developing

A Starfield developer talks about how players often make wrong assumptions about game development due to being disconnected from this reality.

Kratos and Master Chief 1
7 Video Games With Motivational Storylines

Anyone who needs an extra dose of motivation to keep them going through the day should definitely check out these amazing video games.

starfield extremely small ship 10,000 cargo amazing design build 1
Starfield Player Builds Extremely Small 10,000 Cargo Ship

Combining form, function, and compactness, a Starfield player managed to build one of the best Class C ship designs capable of tackling any content.

best-female-characters-2023-merrin-starwars-jedi-survivor-shadowheart-bg3-baldurs-gate-3-peppermint-hi-fi-rush-game-rant 1
The 10 Best Female Characters of 2023

2023 was one of the best years for video games, and it's only natural that it was also a great time for amazing female characters to emerge.

Starfield Companion Barret with Poisonstorm Unique Heavy Weapon in a Weapon Vendor Shop 1
Starfield Unique Heavy Weapons Tier list

Most of the unique heavy weapons in Starfield are some of the best weapons all around, although a couple of them are quite underwhelming.

phil spencer in front of xbox logo 1
Xbox Head Phil Spencer Shares His Year in Review Stats, and They’re Impressive

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, reveals his Xbox Year in Review summary, and he’s racked up some impressive play time.

starfield sarah morgan 1
Starfield Teases New Features Coming in Future Updates

Bethesda teases new features coming to open world sci-fi RPG Starfield as part of future updates for the game.

Starfield Unique Weapons Rifles on Display in Player Outpost-1 1
Starfield Unique Rifles Tier List

Starfield’s collection of unique rifles is a broad category of weapons that offers some great weapons for a variety of different combat scenarios.

starfield major bugs save game crashes still happen after latest update 1
Major Starfield Bugs Still Persist After New Update

Frustration rises in Starfield's community as players are reporting the same game-breaking bugs even after the update that was meant to fix them.

some-starfield-players-think-the-game-needs-a-serious-update 1
Some Starfield Players Think the Game Needs a 'Serious' Update

Starfield players believe that Bethesda's sprawling space exploration title needs a big update to keep its user base engaged in the coming months.

Starfield Player with Syndicate Enforcer Unique Melee Weapon 1
Starfield Unique Melee Weapons Tier List

Of all the unique melee weapons in Starfield, most of them are underwhelming, although one particular weapon stands above the rest.

starfield update 1.8.88 december 11 bug fix long playthrough crash 1
Starfield Releases Update 1.8.88

The team at Bethesda releases the next update for Starfield, as the new patch finally addresses two of the game's most frustrating bugs.

screenshot of hogwarts interior 1
Google Reveals Most Searched Games of 2023

Google releases a list of the ten most searched-for games in 2023, and its results encourage some Hogwarts Legacy fans to voice their displeasure.

Starfield giant spaceship in New Atlantis spaceport behind white game logo 1
Starfield Mod Gives Shipbuilding Another Purpose

An ambitious Starfield mod addresses one common fan complaint by giving the shipbuilding mechanics in Bethesda's RPG another purpose.

starfield-skyrim-dragonborn-x 1
Starfield Can't Be Another Skyrim Ahead of The Elder Scrolls 6

With The Elder Scrolls 6 still being a long way off, Bethesda's plans to keep Starfield alive might be harder to pull off than they were with Skyrim.

starfield-player-discovers-active-volcano-while-exploring-dec-2023 1
Starfield Player Discovers Active Volcano While Exploring

While out on their travels, a Starfield player stumbles upon a volcano on a remote planet and shares their discovery with other players.

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