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Suicide Squad David Ayer Jared Leto Joker 1
Suicide Squad Director Details How Warner Bros. Ruined His Vision For Jared Leto's Joker

Suicide Squad director David Ayer wants his cut of the movie released so that fans can finally see his intended portrayal of Jared Leto's Joker.

bosch confronted by maddie/maddie in lapd uniform 1
Bosch: Legacy - Did Harry Bosch Really Order The Hit On Kurt Dockweiler?

Harry Bosch has always been tough on justice, but would he really cross the line into murder?

Anime GameRant Banner 1
Anime Fans! Don't Miss This Curated Selection Of 12 Must-Have Collectibles

Looking for some anime figures to add to your collection? Come check out our list of 12 must-have collectibles!

kung-fu-panda-4 1
Fans Are Not Happy With This Kung Fu Panda 4 Character

The first trailer for Kung Fu Panda 4 has released to a less than stellar reception, primarily due to one character.

Jaws Funko Deal Feature 1
Today's Epic Gift Deal: Dive Into Nostalgia With This Jaws Chief Brody Funko Pop! VHS Cover

The perfect gift for that special person who loves everything Jaws nostalgia or collects classic movie Funko Pop!

X-Men MCU Reboot Cast Magneto Mr Sinister Main Villain 1
RUMOR: The X-Men MCU Reboot Is Ditching A Classic Character For Someone New

The X-Men MCU reboot is rumored to bring the series back to the big screen without its most iconic villain so Marvel Studios can stand out from Fox.

the m3gan character and an alien's shadow 1
What are the Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2023?

The Sci-Fi genre remains as healthy as ever, in part thanks to recent developments like AI and societal changes becoming increasingly prevalent.

Jack Black next to his character Bowser from The Super Mario Bros. Movie 1
Jack Black Has A Shocking Update On The Super Mario Bros Movie Sequel

Bowser actor Jack Black has something to say about The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel, but it might not be what Nintendo fans expect.

nicolas flamel harry potter Cropped 1
Harry Potter: Who Was Nicolas Flamel?

Nicolas Flamel plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of the Harry Potter Universe.

Scott Pilgrim Box Sets Feature Image 1
Scott Pilgrim: You Can Now Pre-Order The 20th Anniversary Box Sets - B&W And Color!

Celebrate 20 years of the Scott Pilgrim series with these gorgeous box sets full of new art and bonus content!

Batman Villains 1
Batman: Who Would Make Up His Sinister Six?

Batman has made countless enemies throughout his adventures, but what would happen if they formed a Sinister Six-like team to take him down?

Daenerys Targaryen Best Quotes 1
Game Of Thrones: Daenerys’ Best Quotes

Game of Thrones is filled with impressive writing and memorable quotes, many of them attributed to Daenerys Targaryen.

avatar last airbender air nomads Cropped 1
Avatar: The Last Airbender's Air Nomads, Explained

The pacifist airbenders were the ones that raised Avatar Aang, but what happened to the once-great nation of monastic people?

jonathan-majors-ant-man 1
Jonathan Majors Found Guilty: Here's What He's Been Charged With

Jonathan Majors was arrested for assaulting his former girlfriend in March, and now the verdict is in and he's been found guilty.

Jonathan Majors Kang Role Marvel Studios 1
Jonathan Majors' Future As Kang Has Been Decided By Marvel Studios

The verdict is in on the Jonathan Majors case, and Marvel Studios immediately made their decision on the actor's uncertain future in the MCU.

battlestar galactica caprica cylon 1
Battlestar Galactica: The Creation of the Cylons, Explained

Cyclons are the main villains in Battlestar Galactica after launching a cataclysmic rebellion against their human masters.

Stranger Things Season 5 Ending Theory Duffer Brothers 1
Popular Stranger Things Season 5 Ending Theory Gets Demolished By The Creators

A Stranger Things season 5 ending theory has gained popularity with fans, but the Duffer brothers laughed off the proposed conclusion.

AEA9E610-D984-4335-8855-A7A5FFD5084B 1
Game of Thrones: The Hour of the Wolf, Explained

House of the Dragon fans might not know the ending, but this event is the aftermath of the Targaryen Dynasty's Dance.

Pokemon Blu-ray deal feature image 1
Unleash The Pokémon Magic & Score Big Savings With These Blu-Ray Deals

Time to stock up on Pokémon Blu-rays - a bunch are on sale right now - including the movies and Indigo League - the first season of the TV series!

The Batman Villain Spinoff Movie Professor Pyg 1
RUMOR: Obscure Twisted Batman Villain May Get Their Own DC Spinoff Movie

The Batman universe with Robert Pattinson may include a DC spinoff film from director Matt Reeves focusing on a twisted but lesser-known villain.

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