Wolff Confirms That Ricciardo Has Signed With Red Bull

Wolff Confirms That Ricciardo Has Signed With Red Bull

Toto Wolff has confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo is close to finalizing a deal with Red Bull for the 2023 season.

It was claimed that the former McLaren driver had held discussions on a third driver role with both Red Bull, the team for which he had competed in Formula One in the past, and Mercedes, another elite team.

The head of Mercedes, Tobias Wolff, says that “there were undoubtedly discussions.” “On top of that, he’s a wonderful human being, of course.

“It’s a terrible shame that Daniel doesn’t have a seat in the race vehicle since he was made to be behind the wheel of one. Because he had been so successful in the years leading up until that point, I don’t think anyone really understands why things didn’t work out between him and McLaren.

After announcing that Ricciardo, who is 33 years old, has already signed up for a third driving job and brand ambassadorial duty for 2023, Dr. Helmut Marko of Red Bull recanted his statement in Abu Dhabi.

However, it is abundantly evident that a signature will soon be forthcoming, and that Mercedes was not successful in reaching an agreement with the Australian.

Wolff suggested that perhaps the two of them required an excessive amount of time to think about what it was that they want. In addition to this, Red Bull is his home, he is familiar with the staff, and I have high hopes that he will sign a lucrative contract with them.

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