Sargeant Puts An End To Schumacher’s F1 Ambitions For 2023

Sargeant Puts An End To Schumacher’s F1 Ambitions For 2023

In Abu Dhabi, Mick Schumacher saw his final opportunity to retain his spot on the Formula One grid in 2023 disappear.

The head of Williams, Jost Capito, had previously acknowledged that there was still a 2% chance that a race seat may become available again in the event that Logan Sargeant was unable to obtain his F1 super license.

However, the American driver, who is only 21 years old, ultimately finished in fourth place overall in the Formula 2 championship. This earned him an additional 30 points toward his required F1 accreditation, which is more than sufficient for the super license.

According to a tweet that was sent out by the Formula 2 series, “Logan, we can’t wait to watch you race for Williams in F1 next year, we are so very proud.”

Carlin, a member of the Sargeant crew, said more: “You got those license points, dude. Enjoy F1!”

In the event that Sargeant was unable to obtain his Formula One license, Schumacher, the driver for the disbanded Haas team, was thought to be the only other viable option.

It looks that an offer to become the third driver for Mercedes’ works Formula One team is currently his best choice.

Toto Wolff, the leader of the team, stated on Sunday in Abu Dhabi that “we haven’t spoken fully yet.” “During this challenging time for Mick, I felt it was vital for me to let him know how much we value him,” I said.

According to the Austrian, who spoke with Sky Deutschland, “He deserves a position on the grid – not as a test driver.” “Perhaps there is a phase in between where we can play a role,” you said. “I’m not sure.”

Ralf, Mick’s uncle, acknowledges that the offer is appealing in certain ways.

“I think Toto Wolff’s offer sounds extremely appealing because he would have the chance to work with a huge team and get to know the processes,” said the former F1 driver. “I think it sounds very enticing because he would have the chance to work with a major team and get to know the processes.”

“Once he has gained some new experience, he will be better equipped to return,”

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