Ricciardo Could Be A McLaren Reserve

Ricciardo Could Be A McLaren Reserve

McLaren is the latest club to be mentioned as a possible destination for Daniel Ricciardo in the year 2023.

At this time, it is thought that the Australian is having discussions with both Mercedes and Red Bull about the possibility of working as a backup driver for the 2019 season.

After being let go from his race seat with McLaren, the Australian driver, who is 33 years old, decided against making the transfer to Haas for the following season in favor of a reserve role with a top team that has the potential to lead to a drive in 2024.

Ricciardo claims that the difficulties he encountered at McLaren pushed him to seek professional assistance from a psychologist because he was no longer his “usual cheery self.”

He stated, “Last year, I made the decision to consult with a psychologist.” “I was putting my friendships on the back burner, and I thought it would be beneficial to talk to someone in order to make sure that the two facets of my life didn’t collide with one another.”

Now, it appears that Ricciardo is content to take a year off from racing the following year as long as he is working on a project that has the potential to bring him back to Formula One in 2024.

If Ricciardo accepts a role with Mercedes, he may also be asked to serve as a reserve driver for McLaren, which is also powered by Mercedes.

Andreas Seidl, the head of the team, stated that “we haven’t discussed this subject yet,” but that “normally in the winter we select a reserve driver.”

In recent years, we have shared a reserve driver with another team; nevertheless, we do not have any issues with Daniel at this time. It is not out of the question that we will utilize his services as our third driver in 2023.”

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