Marko Says That Vettel Might Return As F1 Team Boss

Marko Says That Vettel Might Return As F1 Team Boss

It is possible that Sebastian Vettel will return to Formula One either as a driver or perhaps as a team principal.

This is the opinion of Dr. Helmut Marko, a high-ranking official at Red Bull who, in his previous role as head of Red Bull’s driver program, was responsible for introducing a teenager Sebastian Vettel to the racing grid almost 15 years ago.

A lengthy and emotional goodbye weekend was held in Abu Dhabi for the now 35-year-old four-time world champion. Sebastian Vettel’s father, Norbert, was also present at the occasion.

The elder Vettel believes that Aston Martin blew their chance to finish sixth in the constructors’ world championship on Sunday by botching the plan for his son’s final race.

He referred to the team’s finish in the final constructors’ standings as “a strategic disaster,” and he blamed it on the fact that it was situated in Silverstone. Alfa Romeo finished ahead of them. They (Aston Martin) had just suffered a loss of twelve million dollars.

In the end, though, the conclusion of the Abu Dhabi 2022 season will be mostly remembered for being the much-celebrated last grand prix weekend that Vettel competed in – at least for the time being.

Marko expressed his thoughts on the matter to Servus TV, saying, “We can all see what personality and what space he will leave here.”

“However, this is a decision that he has made on his own will, and I have no doubt that whatever he chooses to do in the future will be something that he can look back on with pride.

It is not completely out of the question that he will return to the company in a position of high management. “I’m approaching 80 years old, so that would be quite an accomplishment,” the Austrian said with a smile.

Marko is also of the opinion that a possible comeback for Vettel in the driver’s seat is not out of the question.

First, let’s give him some time to plant some trees, and then we’ll see what the future holds, he suggested.

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