Magnussen Declares Maximum Attack After Winning Pole And P1 For Sao Paulo Sprint

Magnussen Declares Maximum Attack After Winning Pole And P1 For Sao Paulo Sprint

Kevin Magnussen’s performance in qualifying for Haas in Sao Paulo was one of the most surprising moments in the history of Formula One.

Magnussen finished first. On Friday evening, the 30-year-old driver was stunned by his performance, which earned him his maiden pole position in Formula One competition.

Magnussen finished first in qualifying, which established the grid for the Sprint, which in turn established the grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday. Magnussen also established the standard for Q3 performance. When was at around the time that George Russell crashed at Turn 5, and then shortly after that, it started to rain, which essentially sealed Magnussen and Haas’s first-ever pole position in Formula One.

The Danish driver commented, “It’s been a long time, sure, and I still can’t really believe it.” “What an incredible job the crew did to put me out on pit lane as the first vehicle to give me the best piece of track,” the driver exclaimed. “Thank you so much for everything.” It was beginning to rain, so that was the most important aspect of today for me: just finding the track that worked best for me. They did an incredible job, you know.”

When asked if he intended to win Saturday’s Sprint, with Magnussen sharing the front row with two-time champion Max Verstappen, the Haas driver responded, “Absolutely, I’m a racing driver, I’m on pole position… I’m going for it.” Magnussen is currently in the front row of the race alongside Max Verstappen. Yeah, maximal attack. Let’s try our hand at something humorous.

The Dane, who came back to Haas in March of this year after Nikita Mazepin left the team, stated that his vehicle was “ideal” for the wet-dry conditions that were present during the qualifying round.

“It was Q3, you have to make the most of it. “It was always a bit rain, not entirely dry, so our car was excellent for that,” he said. “The car was strong, and we were in contention for Q3; we were looking good enough for that.”

Magnussen repeated that “putting me out into the pit lane as the first vehicle and providing me the best patch of track there today” were the two factors that made the biggest difference for him today.

Magnussen finished on the podium in his first race for McLaren, which was back in 2014; as a result, there was certain to be inescapable comparison between that performance and the previous one.

“I believe that the pole has a better feel. Back then, I had no idea what to anticipate happening next. When I first started, I was this conceited little kid who thought I was the king of the universe. After that, I learned a lot of lessons that showed me how challenging it actually is to compete in this sport, and now that I’ve worked my way up to the top spot, I just need to relax and enjoy it.

“Yeah, I’ve just got to enjoy this moment till tomorrow,” he continued after saying, “standing up on pole position and seeing my car, my white little Haas car there on pole position, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The eighth-place constructors’ Haas team has a one-point lead over AlphaTauri heading into the 100-kilometer dash, and they are hoping to pull off another upset in Saturday’s Sprint race.

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