Leclerc says he can’t see Ferrari doing worse in Brazil

Leclerc says he can’t see Ferrari doing worse in Brazil

After doing exhaustive studies in preparation for the race in Brazil, Charles Leclerc is confident that the thrashing that Ferrari received in Mexico was an isolated incident.

Charles Leclerc, a driver for Ferrari, has stated that he “can’t envision” the team’s performance in the forthcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix in Brazil being any worse than it was in the most recent race, which took place in Mexico.

In Mexico City, the Scuderia had its worst two-car finish of the season, with Carlos Sainz coming in fifth and Leclerc coming in sixth. Sainz and Leclerc finished about one minute behind the winner of the race, Max Verstappen.

Because of the high altitude, Ferrari was compelled to run their engines in a reduced power level in order to keep them from breaking. Additionally, the F1-75 struggled with balance concerns throughout the entirety of the weekend.

Even though the Interlagos circuit in Brazil is located at a higher elevation than the one in Mexico, Monaco’s Leclerc is positive that the team has found a solution to the problems and will deliver a performance that is more successful than in Mexico.

Leclerc on Ferrari

When asked by the media about his expectations for the upcoming weekend, Leclerc provided the following response: “I can’t fathom being worse than that, but I am very sure it will be better here.”

We had trouble with the performance of the power unit in Mexico due to the high altitude, and we probably didn’t acquire the correct balance, which also didn’t help.

“The interaction of the two caused us to face a great deal of difficulty, but I have faith that we will perform significantly better here.

“There has been quite a lot of analysis, and I believe that we are [nearing] the sweet spot of the car. And that is what created all of the problems. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was quite difficult to drive.

“Obviously, you lose a bit of confidence, and then you lose a little bit here; the cumulative effect is that we struggle more,” the speaker said.

Fight with Perez

Leclerc is currently engaged in a battle for second place in the Drivers’ Championship with Sergio Perez of Red Bull. Max Verstappen is currently in the lead and has a comfortable margin of victory.

Perez has a five-point lead going into the next two race weekends, with a total of sixty points still up for grabs, but Leclerc has stated that he is not bothered about it at all.

When asked about the potential to complete P2, he responded, “It is not my main priority.”

“I believe that if we execute everything perfectly in the last two races, it will come as a result, but at this point, my major priority is to try to progress as a team in the next races so that we can compete with Max and Red Bull for the World Championship next year.

“That is the goal that I have set for myself: to strive to win a championship as soon as it is possible.

“Second, or third, this season… second is better than third, but to be honest, I don’t really care either way to be honest.”

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