Hulkenberg Isn’t Sorry He Fired Schumacher

Hulkenberg Isn’t Sorry He Fired Schumacher

Nico Hulkenberg claims that he has “absolutely no worries” about joining Kevin Magnussen as a teammate at Haas in the upcoming season.

Next year, the 35-year-old driver will make his comeback to Formula 1 to take the position of his much younger German countryman Mick Schumacher.

Some people believe that Gunther Steiner, the head of Haas, was too harsh on Michael Schumacher.

“Gunther is Gunther – that’s his management style,” said Toto Wolff, who is going to offer the 23-year-old a position as a development driver at Mercedes the next year. Wolff is preparing to make the offer.

“He is from a mountainous region, which is known for its thinner air. Wolff laughed and said, “You can’t always think so well.” “It is genuine, and I’ve observed firsthand that this approach can be successful.”

Unfortunately for Schumacher, things did not pan out how he had hoped, as he appeared to have difficulty coping with the pressure at times.

According to what Christian Danner said to Sport1, “Haas’ decision is completely comprehensible for me.” “Take a look at Sunday — yet another error that was completely unnecessary.

You have to admit that a team of Haas’s size just does not have the financial resources to do that. And I believe it was just about time to switch the team up since it was obvious that they were getting on each other’s nerves.”

In response, Michael Schumacher stated that he will “maintain my schedule” during the months of January and February “so that I may take the chance as it presents itself.”

“I’m already thinking about how I can come back in 2024 – if not as early as 2023” “In my thoughts, I’m already thinking about how I can come back in 2024”

Hulkenberg, Schumacher’s replacement, stated that he doesn’t feel terrible about kicking a young driver out of Formula 1 after only two seasons on the grid. The driver in question was Charles Leclerc.

The German stated that everyone in the room was battling for their careers. “Many drivers have had their jobs taken over by another driver who possesses more experience.

It makes no difference if it’s two years or ten years. In Formula 1, things work just like that. When you compete, you have to show your team that you are worthy of their support by your performance.

“And if you fail to deliver, the team will find someone else to take your position. There isn’t any difference between the engineers and the rest of the staff members.”

Next season, Hulkenberg will be teamed up with Magnussen, who will be 30 years old. After the infamous “suck my b*lls” incident in 2017, Hulkenberg and Magnussen didn’t talk to each other for five whole years.

Hulkenberg maintains that they were the first to break the ice this year. When we met in Bahrain, I greeted him with those those words, and we both laughed heartily at my joke. That happened a very long time ago.

“We’ve both gotten older, more mature, we’ve both become fathers now, and we’re both returning to Formula 1 after taking a hiatus,” he said. “There are a few parallels.” Even the topic of the greatest diaper brands is open for discussion!

“We respect each other, and we are all aware of the standards that have been set for us; I truly do not anticipate any complications.”

Hulkenberg flashed a grin when asked about how well he will get along with Steiner and said, “He’s his own guy – just like me!”

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