Hamilton Expressed His Confused On FIA’s Approach following a lengthy driver briefing

Hamilton Expressed His Confused On FIA’s Approach following a lengthy driver briefing

After sitting through a very lengthy driver’s briefing in Australia, Lewis Hamilton is confused as to why the FIA is choosing to focus on “little stuff” like underwear and jewelry rather than more serious offenses.

Lewis Hamilton has expressed his confusion as to why the FIA, acting through Race Director Niels Wittich, is choosing to crack down on infractions of the regulations that appear to be relatively insignificant.

In response to the consequences from the race in Abu Dhabi that decided the championship, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) made significant reforms during the course of the winter to concerns of race governance.

F1 has made a number of modifications, including the implementation of a Virtual Race Control to supplement the actual Race Control room, and it has also chosen two new Race Directors to share the task of running the series during the season.

It was Wittich who was in charge of Race Control for the first three races; Eduardo Freitas was going to take over for the first time at Imola. Wittich oversaw Race Control for the first three races.

Following his discussion on stringent track limits in the first races, Wittich then turned his attention to less significant aspects of the F1 rulebook in the Australian Grand Prix.

This included a crackdown on the jewelry that the drivers wore and making sure that the drivers only wore the authorised fireproof underwear beneath their race suits. Wearing underwear that is not fireproof underneath a race suit is not allowed.

Because of this, the boss of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, questioned the decision that Wittich had made to engage in “war” with drivers such as Hamilton on issues that were relatively unimportant.

Hamilton provides his answer to the most recent actions taken by the FIA.

After a lengthy driver meeting on Saturday night, the seven-time World Champion explained that he had some jewelry that couldn’t be removed on Friday at Albert Park. After the race, he also said that he found the rule enforcement to be a little strict, which came after he said that he found the rule enforcement to be a little strict.

Hamilton thought that the situation was really strange, especially considering the fact that some of the FIA officials weren’t even wearing face masks at the time.

He shared his thoughts with the media, including RacingNews365.com, saying, “It was the longest driver briefing of my life.”

“I’ve been competing in races for a very long time. They have never conducted a driver briefing that was this extensive before. In addition, not one person in the driver briefing was dressed in a disguise or wearing a mask.

“Some of the drivers were concealed their identities by donning masks. My unease was exacerbated by the fact that the majority of the FIA [staff] was not.

“The fact that they are paying attention to such seemingly little details as the underwear is completely beyond my comprehension. Are we really going to talk about something of that nature? But, in any case, we must proceed. It does not seem to be a more stringent policy to me.”

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