Capito Is Not Concerned About Red Bull’s Budget Cap Punishment

Capito Is Not Concerned About Red Bull’s Budget Cap Punishment

Jost Capito has stated that he is prepared to put the drama around this year’s budget cap behind him.

After it was discovered that Red Bull had spent more than authorized the previous year, the company was hit with a $7 million fine and lost 10 percent of its time in the wind tunnel for the following year.

Key competitors have criticized the team for the infringement and have pushed for harsher sanctions, but the boss of Williams, Capito, claims that the laws regarding the budget cap are extremely complicated.

According to what he shared with Sky Deutschland, “If staff eat inside the circuit, that falls under the budget cap. However, if they eat in a restaurant, then it is suddenly out of the budget cap.”

“We are aware that these challenges exist right now, but things will be different next year,” Capito remarked. “There are adjustments that are being made that all of the teams are in agreement with and are working on together.

Because the restrictions that govern the budget cap are so involved, it is unlikely that it will be flawless the very first time, but it will become better over time.

As a consequence, he considers the sanction handed down to Red Bull to be approximately appropriate and believes that Formula 1 should simply move on at this point.

According to Capito, “it is not certain whether the amount that they spent that exceeded the budget cap on performance.” You can’t deny the fact that it was the first year with the rules, can you?

“As a result, there is no point in debating whether the sentence should have been more severe or less severe. It is what it is, but at least there is a clear yardstick to measure against today.

The Williams CEO came to the conclusion, “I’m fine with it all.”

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