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langston/t-1000/reacher 1
Reacher Season 2: The Terminator 2 Reference, Explained

Robert Patrick plays the new villain in Reacher Season 2, and he's involved in one of the funniest Terminator 2 references ever.

bosch confronted by maddie/maddie in lapd uniform 1
Bosch: Legacy - Did Harry Bosch Really Order The Hit On Kurt Dockweiler?

Harry Bosch has always been tough on justice, but would he really cross the line into murder?

Atom Eve versus Omni-Man 1
Invincible: Could Atom Eve Beat Omni-Man In A Fight?

Omni-Man versus Atom Eve would be quite the show.

roscoe/reacher/finlay 1
Reacher Season 1 Ending, Explained

Season 1 of Reacher saw the eponymous former military investigator turn up in the small town of Margrave, and stays around to solve a double murder.

maddie/bosch/chandler 1
Bosch: Legacy Season 2 Ending, Explained

Season two of Bosch: Legacy sees Harry Bosch and Honey Chandler investigating the murder of Lexi Parks, while fending off a case by the FBI.

Reacher and O'Donnell/Reacher in Portland 1
Reacher: Season 2 - What To Expect

Reacher returns for its highly anticipated second season on Amazon Prime this week. Here's what to expect from it.

Gen V Easter Egg Homelander The Boys Season 4 1
The Boys And Gen V Show How To Perfectly Integrate A Spinoff

No other spin-off for any other show has succeeded in the way that Gen V did.

gow-prime-series 1
How Should the God of War Amazon Prime Video Series Be Presented?

God of War has an immense storyline, and there are a few ways a TV series can tell it.

Clips from the Fallout TV show 1
Amazon's Fallout Series Timeline, Explained

Amazon is surprisingly setting its Fallout series within the game's continuity.

amazon-fallout-series-power-armor-game-rant 1
Fallout TV Series' Power Armor Reuses Trick from Westworld, Alien

Fallout TV series executive producer Jonathan Nolan reveals how the crew made each Power Armor suit so intimidating.

fallout-series-amazon-fallout-5-todd-howard-game-rant 1
Todd Howard Compared Upcoming TV Series to Fallout 5

According to one Fallout TV series executive producer, Todd Howard had a lot of nice things to say about the show.

amazon-fallout-series-brotherhood-of-steel-lucy-ghoul-game-rant 1
Fallout TV Series Trailer Gives Fans Their First Full Look at the Wasteland

The Fallout TV series follows up on its recently released first-look images with a proper teaser trailer at CCXP23 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

amazon luna prime free games december 2023 1
Amazon Luna: Every Free Game With Prime (December 2023)

Each month, Amazon Luna provides Prime subscribers with an array of free games. Here are all the titles that are currently available.

best anime amazon prime video featured image 1
Best Anime On Amazon Prime Video (December 2023)

Amazon Prime Video has plenty of great classic and new anime, and these are the very best shows and movies on the streaming service.

sukuna-vs-mahoraga 1
Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna Vs. Mahoraga, Explained

Episode 41 of Jujutsu Kaisen showed the King of Curses go up against the Divine General of the Shikigami. So, how did the fight turn out?

fallout power armor featured 1
Fallout TV Series Reveals First Look at Characters, Brotherhood of Steel, and More

The Fallout TV series releases a series of images giving fans their first look at several characters, the overall world design, and much, much more.

Collage of Ragnar in Vikings, Uhtred in The Last Kingdom and Geralt in The Witcher 1
Best Shows To Watch If You Love The Last Kingdom

While waiting for The Last Kingdom's movie to come out on Netflix, fans of the historical show should check out these series.

Spider-Man Silk Spider Society TV Show Amazon Studios 1
A Spider-Man Spinoff May Be In Trouble Thanks To Amazon

A Spider-Man spinoff TV show may take longer than expected, and the circumstances could potentially land Amazon Studios in legal trouble.

Prime Video Add On Channels Holiday Deal Feature Image 1
These Prime Video Channels Are 75% Off The First 2 Months - Limited Time Offer!

Now's the time to grab Prime membership so you can take advantage of this great 75% off Prime Video add-on channel deal, valid for a limited time!

Sukuna jogo jujutsu kaisen 1
Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna Versus Jogo, Explained

One of the highlights of the Shibuya Incident was the insane clash between the King of Curses and the Special Grade Volcano Curse, Jogo.

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