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world of warcraft gnome wearing a green santa outfit with wow cosmetics under a christmas tree 1
Blizzard Holiday Sale Offers Discounts on BlizzCon Collection, Games, and More

Blizzard just began its Holiday Sale on, featuring massive discounts on games, cosmetics, and bundles like the BlizzCon Collection.

overwatch-2-captain-price-fortnite-game-rant 1
There Are Two Clear Contenders For Overwatch 2’s Video Game Crossover

Overwatch 2 is set to collaborate with several properties throughout 2024, though there are some clear candidates for its video game crossover.

overwatch 2 mauga 1
Overwatch 2 Update Buffs Mauga

Overwatch 2's newest Tank hero, Mauga, has received another buff as he becomes available in Competitive Play matches. 

world-of-warcraft-2024-roadmap-retail-classic-deathwing-dec-2023 1
World of Warcraft Reveals Ambitious 2024 Roadmap

Following an eventful 2023, World of Warcraft pulls back the curtain on its 2024 roadmap for all players to see and plan around.

ps5-logo 1
Leaked Documents Show Sony is Worried About Xbox's Recent Moves

Leaked Sony documents reveal that the company is worried for PlayStation's future following Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

concept art of the dragonblight in northrend from world of warcraft wrath of the lich king with the classic logo 1
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Reveals Final Raid Release Date

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic reveals the official release date for the last raid before Cataclysm comes to the retro servers.

wow classic season of discovery logo over a tauren opening a chest in durotar 1
World of Warcraft Classic Reveals Surprising Statistics About Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft reveals some amazing statistics collected over the first two weeks of Season of Discovery, its new type of Classic server.

world-of-warcraft-the-war-within-hero-talents-preview-dec-2023 1
World of Warcraft Gives First Glimpse At The War Within's Hero Talents

Blizzard gives World of Warcraft players a preview of what to expect from some of the Hero Talents coming in The War Within expansion.

overwatch 2 mercy 1
New Guardian Angel Exploit is Making Mercy Hard to Kill in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players discover a new Mercy movement exploit that is making it even harder for opponents to track her down on the battlefield.

overwatch 2 cassidy pixel art 1
Neat Overwatch 2 Fan Art Shows How Cassidy's Deadeye Would Look In a Retro Game

An Overwatch 2 fan draws the hero shooter's gun-totting cowboy Cassidy trying to do his iconic ultimate move in pixel art form.

diablo 4 knights penitent class 1
Diablo 4 Player Has Interesting Suggestion For a New Class

A fan of Blizzard Entertainment's popular hack-and-slash RPG Diablo 4 wants a specific enemy type to become a playable class.

diablo 4 vampiric powers bugged domination kills player abattoir of zir 1
Diablo 4 Players Are Being Killed By Their Own Vampiric Power

The new Diablo 4 update apparently has a bizarre bug that turns one of the Vampiric Powers from Season of Blood into a player's worst enemy.

Overwatch 2 Battle of the Beasts 1
Overwatch 2 Should Pull a Mischief and Magic With Battle of the Beasts

The debut of Overwatch 2 Season 8 also saw the introduction of Battle of the Beast,s which Blizzard should consider making more use out of.

overwatch 2's tank hero mauga 1
Overwatch 2 Devs Tease Additional Balance Changes for Mauga

An Overwatch 2 developer reveals that Mauga will receive more balance changes sooner rather than later, following the tank hero's rocky introduction.

overwatch 2 winter wonderland kiriko pharah 1
Overwatch 2's New Pharah and Kiriko Skins Are 2016 All Over Again, And Not In a Good Way

Overwatch 2 is starting to roll out new festive content for the Winter Wonderland event, but Pharah and Kiriko's skins follow a disappointing trend.

california activision blizzard settlement 1
Activision Blizzard To Pay $54 Million To Settle Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

California's Civil Rights Department reaches a lawsuit settlement with Activision Blizzard over its alleged gender discrimination.

overwatch-2-event-pass-skins-free 1
Overwatch 2's Winter Fair Event Pass Explained

For the first time in the franchise’s history, Overwatch 2 is releasing a cosmetic pass, and fans have a fair bit of info about how it will work.

overwatch 2 jingle belle mercy 1
Overwatch 2 Reveals Winter Wonderland 2023 Skins and Event Pass

Blizzard pulls the curtain back on its Winter Wonderland 2023 plans, revealing returning game modes, new skins, and more.

wow world of warcraft trading post reward getting two new alternate options warden armor 1
World of Warcraft Adding Alternate Options to Popular Trading Post Set

After listening to player feedback on the upcoming Trading Post 12-Month reward, World of Warcraft is adding alternate color options for the outfit.

overwatch 2 battle of the beast 1
Overwatch 2's Battle of the Beasts Proves a Risky Competitive Format is Viable

Overwatch 2's Season 8 is now in full swing, with its ambitious Battle of the Beasts modes proving that competitive modes can become more diverse.

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