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The Finals

Framed as a game show, The Finals is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that also supports melee combat. Embark's FPS emphasizes destruction along with teamwork.

the finals
The Finals

PC , PS5 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S
December 8, 2023
Embark Studios
Embark Studios
Online Multiplayer
T For Teen Due To Violence


The Finals promo art 1
The Finals Dev Comments on Cheater Problem, Reveals Fix Coming Soon

The Finals developer Embark Studios comments on a cheating issue that has been plaguing the game and gives information regarding an upcoming fix.

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The Finals Responds to Players' Request for China to be Region Locked

The Finals' community manager reveals the company's plans for addressing its cheating issue, a common problem in multiplayer FPS games.

THE FINALS: How to Use Throwing Knives 1
THE FINALS: How to Use Throwing Knives

Learn how to use Throwing Knives in THE FINALS in this quick guide.

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The Finals: How to Fix 'Failed to Join Party' Error

Are you facing a “Failed to Join Party” error while playing The Finals? Here are a few different ways to fix it.

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The Finals Releases Update 1.3.0

The Finals releases a patch for Season 1, introducing quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as the game looks to maintain its momentum.

Split image showing best medium weapons in The Finals. 1
The Finals: Best Medium Weapons, Ranked

The medium weapons in The Finals are a well-rounded bunch that should suit many player's needs. Here's how they stack up.

The Finals Best Melee Weapons 1
The Finals: Every Melee Weapon, Ranked

Of the four melee weapons in The Finals, which among them proves to be the best?

RPG and Goo Grenades in The Finals 1
The Finals: Best Gadgets For Heavy Builds, Ranked

The Heavy class in The Finals has access to several great gadgets; here are the best ones players should make use of.

The Finals Season 1 1
New The Finals Update Makes Changes to Matchmaking and Fixes Bugs

The Finals developer releases HotFix 1.2.3, addressing various reported bugs and offering overall improvements to matchmaking.

The Finals: Burning Questions Answered

The latest Battle Royale sensation, The Finals, has just hit the scene; here’s a quick rundown of what you should know before diving in.

SMG and M60 LMG in The Finals 1
The Finals: Every Heavy Weapon, Ranked

The Heavy class in The Finals has access to some pretty powerful weapons, but some are a little more reliable than others.

nvidia-game-ready-driver-update-for-the-finals-and-fortnite-chapter-5-dec-2023 1
Nvidia GeForce Driver Adds New Features to The Finals and Fortnite Chapter 5

Amid a busy season of game releases, Nvidia releases new GeForce Game Ready Drivers for Fortnite and The Finals players to take for a spin.

Heavy body type with a grenade launcher in The Finals 1
The Finals: Best Heavy Build

Smash the competition in The Finals with these three Heavy builds that take advantage of all the best things the class has to offer.

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The Finals Has a Flat Earther Emote

Fans of the new first-person shooter, The Finals, appreciate a hilarious emote available to unlock in the first season’s battle pass.

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The Finals Is Outdoing Call of Duty on Steam

The Finals outperforms Call of Duty and other games on Steam just five days after Embark Studios shadow dropped it at The Game Awards.

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The Finals: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are a few things new players should keep in mind when jumping into a game in The Finals.

Builds for the Light Class in The Finals 1
The Finals: Best Light Builds

Scout ahead and whittle the enemy down with these sneaky and slippery builds for the Light class in The Finals.

Builds for the Medium class in The Finals 1
The Finals: Best Medium Builds

Make use of the Medium class' versatile array of guns and gear to create the perfect builds for supporting teammates in The Finals.

How to play with friends in The Finals 1
The Finals: How to Invite Friends

Having trouble getting the squad together in The Finals? Here are a few easy fixes to try out.

A still from The Finals launch trailer 1
The Finals: Crossplay Guide

Crossplay greatly broadens the matchmaking pool in The Finals, but there are some things about it that players may want to know about.

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