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Custom Mech Wars Review Main Image (Updated) 1
Custom Mech Wars Review

Custom Mech Wars allows players to craft the mech of their dreams, but a lack of polish and gameplay variety gives them little reason to do so.

earth defense force 6 ring 1
Earth Defense Force 6 Trailer Show Off New Character Designs

A new trailer for Earth Defense Force 6 shows off new designs for the familiar EDF soldiers, as well as terrifying new enemies.

edf world brothers key art 1
Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Gets Release Date and New Trailer

D3 Publisher confirms the localization of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is nearing completion and approaching launch on multiple platforms.

earth defense force, two new games, world brothers, earth defense 6 coming 2021 1
Two New Earth Defense Force Games Revealed

In a series of announcements, D3Publisher teases the release of two new games in its long-running Earth Defense Force franchise.

Thor Puzzle Quest 1
Female Thor Gets Video Game Debut In 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'

Just two days after her first appearance in Marvel comics, the new Thor is making her first video game appearance in 'Marvel Puzzle Quest'.

EDF 2025 Release Date 1
'Earth Defense Force 2017: Portable' Launches In January 'EDF 2025' Listed For March

D3Publisher has announced the final release date and price for 'Earth Defense Force 2017: Portable.' while rumors of 'EDF 2025's release date start to crop up.

EDF 2017 Pale Wing 1
'Earth Defense Force 2017' Release Date: Defend Your Vita This Winter

'Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable' is coming to North America, and even sooner than we thought. Look for it on store shelves this Winter.

EDF 2017 Portable Vita 1
'Earth Defense Force,' 'Rainbow Moon' & 'New Little King's Story' Coming To Vita

It has been revealed that both 'Earth Defense Force 2017' and 'Rainbow Moon' will release on the Vita in the coming months. Meanwhile, Konami shares some information on 'New Little King's Story' for Vita.

earth defense force insect armageddon review 1
'Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon' Review

The sequel to Vicious Cycle and D3 Publisher's 2006 cult-hit, 'Earth Defense Force 2017' - 'Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon' - is full of giant insects. But it is a good game? Read our review.