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A silent soul who dares to dream, Vrushali Padia is passionate about writing ever since her college days and has written in diverse niches. She is now an Electronics Engineer and a Writer. When she is not writing, she's exploring. You can reach out to her at

Latest Articles

nicolas flamel harry potter Cropped 1
Harry Potter: Who Was Nicolas Flamel?

Nicolas Flamel plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of the Harry Potter Universe.

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Poster 1
Doctor Who: A History of Anniversary Specials

With the 60th Anniversary specials concluded, it's the perfect time to look back at how Doctor Who has celebrated milestones in the past.

A Still from Castle Freak-1 1
Fans of Amnesia: The Dark Descent Should Check Out This 90s Lovecraft Adaptation

With the Dark Descent finding the 90s Lovecraft adaptation, Castle Freak is expected to be quite intriguing.

A Still From Banshee Chapter-3 1
Alan Wake 2 Players Will Dig This Lovecraftian Mystery Movie

Alan Wake 2 fans will enjoy the 2013 Lovecraftian mystery movie called Banshee Chapter.

A Still of the Meep in Doctor Who 1
Doctor Who: The Origin Of The Meep

The origin of The Meep in Doctor Who dates back to the 80s.

A Still of Colin Creevey from the Harry Potter series  1
Harry Potter: What Happened To Colin Creevey?

The fate of Colin Creevey has intrigued fans ever since the release of the final Harry Potter movie.

Poster of The Hunger Games_ The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 1
The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Ending Explained

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes features an ambiguous ending. 

A Still of Sabe from Star Wars  1
Star Wars: What Happened To Sabe?

The fate of Queen Amidala's faithful handmaiden Sabe has been a recurring question for every Star Wars fan. 

Chris Sheffield As Harry in The Block Island Sound 1
Alan Wake 2 Fans Should Check Out This Indie Horror Movie

Alan Wake 2 fans may find solace in the eerie and captivating world of The Block Island Sound.

Michael Fassbender as David in Prometheus 1
The Invincible Players Should Revisit This Modern Sci-Fi Movie

Players of The Invincible will find Prometheus intriguing. Here's what the two stories have in common.

Gimli's Wearing The Helmet Given By Groin, His Father 1
LOTR: Who is Gimli's Father?

Gimli’s father plays a crucial role in shaping the LOTR universe.

Mance Rayder From a Still of GOT  1
Game of Thrones: How Did Mance Rayder Become King Beyond The Wall?

Mance Rayder plays a prominent role in the expansive universe of Game of Thrones.

Howland Reed of House Reed  1
Game of Thrones: House Reed, Explained

House Reed, though a vassal house, plays a significant role in the Game of Thrones.

LOTR_ The Battle Of Bywater 1
LOTR: The Battle of Bywater, Explained

The Battle of Bywater, a key event in Lord of the Rings, stands as a legend for the downtrodden.

The Nun 2's Movie Poster (1) 1
The Nun 2, Ending Explained

The ending of Nun 2 sets up the highly anticipated The Conjuring 4.

The Mearas From The Lord Of The Rings 1
LOTR: The Mearas, Explained

Mearas played a significant role in the lore of Middle Earth within The Lord of the Rings.

Peacemaker Season 2's Cover 1
Peacemaker Season 2: How Will The New DCU Continuity Work?

Peacemaker Season 2 has been a major topic of discussion since James Gunn’s confirmation.

Michelle Yeoh's Multiple Marvel Roles 1
Michelle Yeoh's Multiple Marvel Roles, Explained

Michelle Yeoh is amongst the few actors to have played multiple MCU roles.

spider-verse spider rex screen cap Cropped 1
Across the Spider-Verse: Who is the Dinosaur Spider-Man?

The Dinosaur Spider-Man made waves after the release of Across The Spider-Verse.

Landmine Goes Click Movie Scene 1
Landmine Goes Click Ending, Explained

Landmine Goes Click has gained a cult following over the years, but what makes this movie so explosive?

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