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About Sam Stewart

Writing on video games since 2017, Sam joined the GR ranks in summer 2022. Primarily penning reviews/previews, it's been his pleasure to work with the site. A partiular highlight was when he got to represent Game Rant at a press preview event for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (despite the lump of a game that it was, the event was fun!).

Since Sonic got his little white gloves on him, Sam has had an unquenchable passion for gaming. Not long after first exposure, that passion was stoked by Final Fantasy. Still charmed by JRPGs to this day, his horizons have also broadened to include a fascination with Souls-likes, Metroidvanias, and Indie titles of all sorts.

Sam loves tabletop RPGs too, and when he doesn't have a controller in his hand, he likely has his nose in a book. Either that or he's perusing some of the great Final Fantasy 14 guides here on GR. Shoutout to the Corgi minion guide.

Sam's particularly interested in TTRPGs and their influence on - or adaptations in - videogames. The earliest computer RPGs were heavily influenced by their tabletop forefathers, and many games bear the mark of that heritage, be they RPG or not. As two of his greatest interests continue to collide, with notable examples like Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or Baldur's Gate, Sam can't wait to see what collaborations will come next.

Favorite Games

- Monster Rancher series, specifically MR 2 (childhood guilty pleasure)
- Final Fantasy 9
- Hades
- Hollow Knight

Honorable mentions:
- Baldur's gate 3 (still playing)
- Final Fantasy 14 (sprout here)
- Nancy Drew series (adulthood guilty pleasure)

Industry Focus

- RPGs of all kinds
- Indie scene

Proudest Gaming Achievement

After multiple attempts to get into the series, Dark Souls 1 finally clicked this year (2023). Finally completing it was an incredible feeling. Though the genre was an interest before, this achievement nurtured a deep fascination and love.

Latest Articles

The Last Faith key art 1
The Last Faith Review

Though it may be easy to look at The Last Faith and think only of its inspirations, it's a solid Metroidvainia in its own right and worth playing.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd shotgun 1
Hellboy Web of Wyrd Review

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a roguelite brawler with fun, weighty action, but its lifeless storytelling and bland level design aren't much fun at all.

MythForce characters 1
MythForce Review

A serviceable roguelike, MythForce fails to follow through on its promise of nostalgic cartoon action.

Wayfinder Senja fighting Snow Beast 1
Wayfinder Early Access First Impressions

Despite a rocky launch, new online action RPG Wayfinder is an ambitious, promising free-to-play title with some exciting ideas.

OXENFREE 2 review 1
Oxenfree 2 Review

Though it doesn't reach the heights of its predecessor, Oxenfree 2 tells an earnest, compelling story that remains a worthwhile experience.

Aliens Dark Descent key art 1
Aliens: Dark Descent Review

While Aliens: Dark Descent struggles against some of its own choices and troublesome bugs, a compelling, strategic experience awaits beyond.

Planet of Lana chased by robots in desert 1
Planet of Lana Review

Gorgeous indie platformer Planet of Lana is a great example of the genre, presenting a beautiful world, charming story, and some decent puzzles.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Yoshitaka Amano art 1
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch Review

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is an excellent way to experience RPG history with new additions that more than make up for some oddities.

Douglas Curse of the Sea Rats 1
Curse of the Sea Rats Review

Co-op 'ratroidvania' Curse of the Sea Rats is a breezy and charming adventure with a few leaks that could use some shoring up.

LOTR Gollum orcs and villain trailer still 1
The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Preview

After seeing multiple delays, Daedalic Entertainment shows off its long-in-development stealth adventure, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

Elderand fighting Hideous Disciplinarian enemy 1
Elderand Review

Elderand is a competent Metroidvania offering but suffers from inconsistent bosses and a reluctance to dive deep enough into its inspirations.

Afterimage metroidvania key art 1
Afterimage Preview: A Gorgeous Blend of RPG and Metroidvania

Developer Aurogon Shanghai brings beautiful art to the beloved Metroidvania genre and combines it with some solid customization options.

Stephen Kings IT movie 1
Unreal Engine 5 Concept Video Imagines What a Stephen King's It Horror Game Would Be Like

Stephen King's horror classic comes to life with unsettling realism as a fan Unreal Engine trailer imagines what an IT game could look like.

Cloud Strife from original Final Fantasy 7 1
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Handcrafts Miniature Versions of All Cloud's Weapons

An artist and fan of Final Fantasy 7 creates hand-crafted miniatures of all 16 of Cloud's weapons in the style of the original game.

Nintendo Switch controller and dock pink background 1
Nintendo Planning Production Boost of Aging Switch

Six years into its life-cycle, and despite analyst expectations, Nintendo is reportedly planning to increase production of Switch consoles.

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Twitter is Auctioning Off Assets Like Coffee Machines and Chairs

Twitter purges itself of a wide array of assets in an online auction, selling off various office implements, kitchen appliances, and more.

relationship couple Skyrim 1
Skyrim Fan Gets Real-Life Amulet of Mara from Their Boyfriend

A Skyrim player's boyfriend gives them a real-life replica of what could be the game's most romantic accessory: the Amulet of Mara.

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Video Compares Old Harry Potter Game Graphics to Hogwarts Legacy

A clip of an old Harry Potter game next to the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy puts the difference in graphical fidelity in stark relief.

protagonist photographer Season A Letter to the future purple flower 1
Season: A Letter to the Future Gets New Story Trailer

Beautiful indie title Season: A Letter to the Future shows off its lush world and colourful cast of characters in a new story trailer.

dungeons and dragons ttrpg dice bag 1
Dungeons and Dragons Player Makes Impressive Leather Dice Bag

A Dungeons and Dragons fan makes their own hand-crafted leather dice bag in the image of one of the game's most iconic components.

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