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About Pam K Ferdinand

Pam's Colecovision was her babysitter, from the age of 4 or 5, but the family only had one game. Over and over, hour after hour, she'd climb and jump through the three levels of Donkey Kong. But the real love affair began with the NES and Dragon Warrior, when she first experienced the depth and immersion possible in video game worlds. She's been hooked ever since and will be playing in the retirement home. In her spare time, Pam also dabbles in foreign languages, watercolor painting, and reads a lot of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

Favorite Games

A long-time fan of survival horror, RPGs of all kinds, and shooters, Pam's favorite series include Silent Hill, Fallout, Deus Ex, God of War (original), Far Cry, and the Souls games. Favorite individual titles include The Last GuardianPrey 2017, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Division.

Industry Focus

Pam started out doing QA in game development, then moved on to game localization and project management. Illness took her out of the game (so to speak), and she began writing freelance news, guides, and walkthroughs a very, very long time ago for a few different sites. She's now been at Game Rant for four years.

Latest Articles

xbox game pass logo over blurred covers 1
Xbox Game Pass Had an Impressive Number of Day One Releases in 2023

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription offers a lot of value, especially when considering how many games the service offered on day one in 2023.

uncharted 4 nathan and elena playing playstation on couch 1
Naughty Dog Already Working on Multiple ‘Brand New’ Single Player Games

Amid worries that the developer is making more remasters, Naughty Dog reveals that it is working on ‘brand new’ single-player projects.

phil spencer in front of xbox logo 1
Xbox Head Phil Spencer Shares His Year in Review Stats, and They’re Impressive

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, reveals his Xbox Year in Review summary, and he’s racked up some impressive play time.

OD game awards 2023 trailer udo kier_resized 1
Kojima Productions
Hideo Kojima’s OD Presentation at The Game Awards Hid an Exciting Easter Egg

Many viewers watching Hideo Kojima’s presentation for OD during The Game Awards 2023 notice a small detail that has them excited.

playstation plus season of play jin sakai 1
PlayStation Is Giving Away 5 Free Avatars

PlayStation reveals the five PSN avatars that are being given away for free in celebration of the ongoing Season of Play event.

cyberpunk 2077 update 2.1 promo graphic 1
CD Projekt Red Is Done with Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red is moving on from working on Cyberpunk 2077 to focus on other high-profile projects that gamers are eagerly awaiting.

stalker 2 heart of chornobyl hazard symbol 1
GSC Game World Gives Long-Awaited Update on Stalker 2

The developer of the highly anticipated first-person survival horror game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl gives an update and a new release window.

headset silhouette on purple background 1
Gamer Dies After Allegedly Streaming Too Much

A content creator passes away, and a vigorous live streaming schedule and resulting exhaustion is being blamed for the tragedy.

marvel snap card montage with logo 1
Marvel Snap Publisher Reportedly Moving Away from Games

TikTok parent company ByteDance is restructuring Nuverse, the publisher of Marvel Snap, and moving away from the game industry.

Nakwon Lost Paradise player with backpack 1
Dave the Diver Dev Shows Off New Zombie Game

Mintrocket, the developer of one of the 2023’s highest rated titles, Dave the Diver, shares gameplay footage of its upcoming zombie survival game.

Borderlands 3 Moze the Gunner on Switch 1
Borderlands 3 Reveals Nintendo Switch Update Patch Notes

Gearbox Software’s action role-playing game Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition gets a pretty significant update for Nintendo Switch players.

dark and darker mobile party of adventurers 1
Dark and Darker Mobile Reveals More Game Details

Ironmace’s Dark and Dark is getting a mobile version, and publisher Krafton shares a few more details about the upcoming release.

ASTLIBRA Revision with Nintendo Switch logo 1
Action RPG with ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Reviews Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Another well-received action RPG makes its way to the Nintendo Switch, joining a growing library of retro-style games for old-school fans.

xbox wonka collab gift box 1
Xbox Reveals Edible Chocolate Controller

Microsoft unveils an Xbox Series X themed to look like a candy bar and an edible chocolate Xbox controller wrapped in gold foil.

steam deck oled 1
Valve Announces the Steam Deck OLED

Valve reveals the upgraded version of the Steam Deck, which will come with an OLED screen and other upgrades for gamers on the go.

bag of doritos with headset 1
Doritos Releases Crunch Cancellation Software for Gamers

With the help of AI tech, Doritos creates and releases noise cancellation software aimed at helping hungry gamers from crunching too loudly.

silent hill 2 remake pyramid head from trailer 1
Silent Hill 2 Remake Leak Has Fans of Pyramid Head Excited

A recent update about the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake has some fans excited about what Bloober Team’s version of the game may bring.

xbox logo on green background black rings 1
Microsoft Employees Are Reportedly Losing Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Benefit

Microsoft employees may be losing an important perk, their free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and some aren’t very happy about it.

silent hill ascension loading screen town 1
Fans Are Calling Out Konami After Silent Hill: Ascension’s Debut

Silent Hill: Ascension debuts to a predominantly negative reception, with many fans disappointed in the direction Konami has taken the franchise.

nintendo switch online nes game boy gba 1
Nintendo Switch Online Adds 3 Game Boy and NES Games

Nintendo adds three new games to the lineup of classic titles available for subscribers of the base version of Nintendo Switch Online.

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