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About Matt Karoglou

Matt Karoglou is a freelance writer and musician who has been playing video games for 36 years and writing about them for almost as long. When he's not editorializing about the intricacies and brilliance of the Shmup genre or playing Resident Evil for the thousandth time, he can be found most days listening to metal and hardcore records while enjoying indie titles on his Steam Deck.

Industry Focus

Primarily writes about RPGs, indie titles, Metroidvanias, Soulslikes, and the Resident Evil series. Interested in all things Square Enix and Capcom, and occasionally dabble in the industry-focused hardware piece here and there.

Favorite Games

As a massive Resident Evil fan, the original, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 4 all rank among some of my all-time favorite games (both their initial releases and remakes). I'm also a huge fan of Metroidvanias and try to play as many as I can get my hands on. While my all-time favorites will always be the portmanteau's origins (Super Metroid and Castlvania: Symphony of the Night), Hollow Knight, both Ori games, and both Blasphemous games also rank high as some of my favorites in the genre. Special shout out to Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as quite possibly my first and second favorite games of all-time, as well as Final Fantasy IV ranking somewhere in the top 5.

Favorite Console

I cut my teeth on the NES just in time for the SNES to arrive right as I was 6 years old, and the Super Nintendo will always have a special place as one of my all-time favorite consoles. Right behind it, though, is the PlayStation. Some of my favorite franchises have either their series highlights (Castlevania, Final Fantasy) or origins (Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil) on the PS1, cementing it as an all-timer for me. Picking between the SNES and PS1 would be nearly impossible, as both have some of the most impressive libraries in the history of gaming.

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