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About Zackari Greif

Zackari is a gaming journalist who loves breaking down industry trends while adding his unique perspective of being a fan just like everyone else wihile self-proclaiming himself as the residential "Sonic Specialist." When he isn't writing about games, he's playing them; either working to complete the National Pokedex or living a second life in Final Fantasy 14. Otherwise, he dabbles in more creative endeavors.

Favorite Games

Sonic Frontiers, Tales of Zestiria, and Final Fantasy 14

Favorite Console

The Nintendo Switch

Proudest Gaming Achievement

Completed Sonic Frontiers' "Another Story" DLC on version 1.40 before the game was patched to adjust the difficulty balancing.

Latest Articles

terapagos-pokemon-scarlet-and-violet 1
Incredible Pokemon Fan Art Shows What Terapagos Would Look Like in the Mystery Dungeon Games

A Pokemon fan uses his talents to reimagine what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Terapagos would look like in older Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games.

epic-games-store-present 1
Epic Games Store's Rumored Mystery Game for December 20 Explained

A rumor is going around about the mystery game set to release on the Epic Games Store on December 20 that may let fans plan ahead for its release.

sonic-dream-team-6 1
Sonic Dream Team Boss Tier List

Sonic Dream Team may not have too many bosses to its name, but they all take advantage of what the mobile game offers to have their own challenges.

why-sonic-dream-team-leaving-out-blaze-and-shadow-is-for-the-best-official-comic-scan 1
Why Sonic Dream Team Leaving Out Blaze and Shadow is For the Best

Sonic Dream Team fans are lamenting the lack of Shadow and Blaze as playable characters, but there is a very good reason as to why they're absent.

sonic-dream-team-5 1
Sonic Dream Team’s Post-Launch Content is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sonic Dream Team is on schedule to receive post-launch updates, and while it bodes well for the mobile game, there's complications with the situation.

sonic dream team eggman level 1
One Beloved Feature From Sonic Colors Makes a Grand Return in Sonic Dream Team

Dr. Eggman's dreams make for some curious and bizarre environments in Sonic Dream Team, but one aspect of the level design calls back to Sonic Colors.

sonic-dream-team-ariem-and-sage 1
How Sonic Dream Team's Ariem Can't Hold a Candle to Sonic Frontiers' Sage

Ariem is the latest member of the Sonic the Hedgehog cast thanks to Sonic Dream Team, but isn't as easily lovable as Sonic Frontiers' Sage.

sonic-dream-team-sonic-superstars 1
Sonic Dream Team and Sonic Superstars Say One Trend is Here To Stay When It Shouldn't

Sonic Dream Team falls into similar traps that Sonic Superstars is guilty of, which means fans might have to get used to one trend sticking around.

sonic-dream-team-sonic-replay-symbol 1
How Sonic Dream Team Pushes Replayability

Sonic Dream Team uses a feature that hasn't been seen in a Sonic game for some time to add a sense of replayability to the short and sweet game.

sonic-dream-team-frontiers-logo 1
Why Sonic Dream Team Continues a Trend Fans Should Look Out For

There's been a specific trend that starting with Sonic Frontiers and continuing with Sonic Dream Team that may be building up to something big.

sonic-dream-team-sonic-and-friends 1
Sonic Dream Team Sleeps on the Biggest Aspect of Its Premise

Sonic Dream Team sees Sonic and his friends finding their way through Dr. Eggman's personal Dreamscapes, but the mobile game sleeps on its potential.

sonic-dream-team 1
Why Sonic Dream Team Going All in On Cream the Rabbit is a Good Thing

Sonic the Hedgehog's Cream the Rabbit needs her time in the spotlight and Sonic Dream Team thankfully takes the opportunity to let her shine.

sonic-dream-team-sonic-level complete 1
One Trend May Be the Light of Hope for Sonic Dream Team Fans

As Sonic Dream Team sits as a rather worthwhile game on Apple Arcade, there may be a chance for the title to extend its reach sometime in the future.

sonic-dream-team-nightmare-maze-act-3 1
Sonic Dream Team's Level Design is a Double-Edged Sword

The Apple Arcade exclusive Sonic Dream Team features fun levels that show off Sonic at his best, but it comes with an unfortunate catch.

The Four Man boss in Sonic Dream Team 1
Sonic Dream Team and Sonic Frontiers' Playable Characters Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sonic Dream Team's six playable characters is a rather impressive number, but it pales in comparison to Sonic Fontiers in numerous ways.

sonic-dream-team-sonic-frontiers-game-rant 1
3 Important Details that Sonic Dream Team Changes Up After Sonic Frontiers

Sega Hardlight's Sonic Dream Team its own unique approach to designing an open-ended Sonic playground that's different to Sonic Frontiers' open-zones.

sonic-dream-team-cutscenes-apple-logo 1
Is Sonic Dream Team Worth Subscribing to Apple Arcade?

Sonic Dream Team is one of the bigger surprises the franchise has had, but now, fans might question if its worth an Apple Arcade subscription to play.

best-music-2023-end-of-the-year-list-alan-wake-2-sea-of-stars-el-paso-elsehwere-game-rant 1
The 10 Best Video Game Scores and Soundtracks of 2023

Many games have gorgeous sound design and music in 2023, but a good number of them stand out above the rest for musical excellence across the board.

Epic Game Store Mystery Games December 1
Epic Games Store
What to Expect From the Epic Games Store Free Mystery Games in December 2023

The Epic Games Store free games promotion makes the weeks worth looking forward to, and the deal always gets sweeter in December for a short time.

super-mario-rpg-geno-mallow-dance 1
Mallow and Geno From Super Mario RPG Deserve Their Time Own to Shine

Super Mario RPG has unique characters that fans love and are happy to see return after 27 years, so Nintendo needs to make sure they stick around.

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