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About Joshua Duckworth

Joshua grew up in poverty, deep in the Middle of Nowhere, Alabama. Gaming was a rarely afforded escape from reality that persisted throughout his life, something that saw him through good times and hard times. Joshua started at Game Rant in 2017 where he fell in love with a company that supports creativity, treats video games with the respect they deserve, and is complete with people whose passions match his. It's this passion he hopes to communicate in every post, in every conversation about the industry, and so forth. Outside of gaming and Game Rant, Joshua spends a lot of time with his lovely wife and children, keeps pulling for Cody Rhodes in WWE, and manages the farm he inherited from his grandfather.  If you name a video game, Joshua can rant about it—that's a guarantee. For Joshua, the world of gaming isn't just an industry, but his first love. 

Industry Focus

Joshua's passion for the industry is all-consuming, and his typical content coverage is as varied as the game industry itself. Joshua covers news, features, interviews, previews, and more on a weekly basis, and whether it's the next expansive AAA title or the most innovative indie game, his eyes are always on the horizon.

Favorite Games

Right now, Baldur's Gate 3 has completely consumed Joshua's life, but his favorite franchises include Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, and anything with deep storytelling and lore. He loves anything with deep and intensive gameplay experiences, but there are bonus points for anything that sends him down rabbit holes on more than one occasion. 

Favorite Console

Joshua's favorite console is the Xbox Series X, as that is where he plays the majority of his games. He owns a custom-built gaming PC, a PS5, and a Switch, as well as a plethora of older consoles such as the PS2 and Nintendo GameCube. 

Latest Articles

thauma witcher no gra 1
Fool's Theory Reveals One Common Thread Between its Witcher Remake and The Thaumaturge

Developer Fool's Theory, which is currently responsible for the Witcher 1 remake and CRPG The Thaumaturge, reveals one common element of the two.

Lies of P Game Pass success 1
Lies of P Dev Explains Benefits of Launching Day One With Xbox Game Pass

In a post-launch interview with Game Rant, Lies of P director Jiwon Choi details how the team benefited from launching day one on Xbox Game Pass.

the-thaumaturge-key-art-game-rant-advance-8-thumb-2 1
The Thaumaturge Dev Details Wiktor, Rasputin, Warsaw, and More

Game Rant speaks to The Thaumaturge design director Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz about the game's characters, settings, and more.

ps-plus-premium-christmas-wrapping-paper-game-rant-3 1
PS Plus Extra and Premium Games for December 2023 Are Available Now

Sony releases the final batch of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games for the year, with subscribers of the highest tier having 19 games to claim.

the-thaumaturge-key-art-game-rant-advance-10-thumb 1
The Thaumaturge Reveals New Salutor Morana [EXCLUSIVE]

As part of this Game Rant Advance, we exclusively reveal the new Salutor Morana who's coming to story-driven RPG The Thaumaturge.

the-thaumaturge-key-art-game-rant-advance-feature-2-1 1
How The Thaumaturge's Salutors Blend History with the Supernatural

The Thaumaturge's most impressive element is how its roster of supernatural Salutors is worked into a narrative surrounding real-world history.

ps plus december 2023 1
PS Plus Extra and Premium Games for December 2023 Make for the Perfect Christmas Gift

PS Plus Extra and Premium bring the year to a close with absolute bangers, ensuring a subscription would be the perfect Christmas gift.

elden ring shdadow of the erdtree tradition 1
Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Has Already Broken One Massive FromSoftware Tradition

Very little is currently known about Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, but the upcoming expansion has already broken one FromSoft tradition.

cody rhodes 1
Recent Cody Rhodes News Should Lead to a WWE 2K24 Match Type

Ahead of the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes is reportedly scheduled to take place in an exciting match type, something WWE 2K24 should add.

baldur's gate 3 dark urge 1
Baldur's Gate 3: There Are 3 Key Ways to Play The Dark Urge

While there are countless ways to play any character in Baldur's Gate 3, The Dark Urge has 3 key playthrough methods that truly let it shine.

waven key art title 1
Waven Update Version 0.14 and New December 19 Content Explained

Waven's latest update, version 0.14, brings a lot of much-needed quality-of-life improvements, and more content is coming in December.

biggest-news-of-2023-game-rant-microsoft-activision-blizzard-nintendo-wii-u-3d2-embracer-rockstar-playstation-king-sony-gta6-volition 1
The 10 Biggest Video Game News Stories of 2023

2023 has been a great year for video game releases, but it has also been one filled with ups and downs for the industry at large.

Elden Ring Expect 2024 1
What to Expect From Elden Ring in 2024

February marks Elden Ring's second anniversary, but the latest FromSoftware Souls game is poised to have a big year in 2024 as well.

ps plus extra premium december 2023 1
Why PS Plus Subscribers Should Keep an Eye on December 13

With the year slowly but surely winding down, PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers should keep an eye on one upcoming date, December 13.

wwe-2k23-showcase-mode 1
WWE 2K24's Showcase Mode is Trapped Between a Rock and a Hard Place

All eyes are on WWE 2K24 to improve on 2K22 and 2K23, but one creative choice in the previous game will be hard to beat in a new title.

game-awards-tga-super-mario-bros-wonder-game-rant (1) 1
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Only Won 1 Award at The Game Awards 2023

Super Mario Bros. Wonder walked into The Game Awards 2023 with a respectable number of nominations, but it didn't quite manage to clinch them.

game-awards-tga-baldurs-gate-3-game-rant 1
Every Award Baldur's Gate 3 Won at The Game Awards 2023

Baldur's Gate 3 dominated The Game Awards 2023, with Larian leaving the showcase with many new awards to its pedigree.

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Epic Games Store Reveals When Free Mystery Games Are Coming Back

Epic Games Store releases its two free games for December 7 and confirms when its Mystery Game Promotion for the holidays begins.

xbox game pass glow goat simulator 3 1
Xbox Game Pass Adds New Game Today

Xbox Game Pass continues a rather busy week for the service, adding a zany, explosive, and over-the-top title for PC, Cloud, and Xbox Series X/S.

randy orton starfield 1
Randy Orton Reveals How Many Hours He Has in Starfield

Appearing on the Impaulsive podcast, Randy Orton reveals what video games he's playing right now, including how far into Starfield he is.

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