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thaumarasputin 1
How the Inclusion of Rasputin Shaped CRPG The Thaumaturge

Game Rant speaks with The Thaumaturge's design director to learn how the involvement of Rasputin influenced the game's development.

the thaumaturge wiktor investigation 1
How The Thaumaturge's Investigations Add to Gameplay and Worldbuilding

The Thaumaturge's design director tells Game Rant how investigations fit into Wiktor's skillset, and how they differ from the ones in The Witcher.

the-thaumaturge-key-art-game-rant-advance-8-thumb-3 1
The Thaumaturge Dev Gives Deep Dive into Gameplay Mechanics and More

During a recent Game Rant interview, The Thaumaturge's design director explains the various elements that define the supernatural CRPG's gameplay.

Aloft-Demo-Custom Splash 1
Aloft Devs Want Players to Find Challenge and Contemplation in the Sandbox Survival Game

Game Rant speaks with Astrolabe's CEO Manuel Bergeron about the goals of upcoming sandbox survival game, Aloft, and much more.

Aloft-Demo-Island 1
How Survival Sandbox Game Aloft Plans to Soar Above the Competition in 2024

Aloft will let players bring their islands together into a village and heal the world's massive Titans and fly into hurricanes, says the studio CEO.

Aloft-Demo-Alpaca 1
Upcoming Survival Sandbox Game Aloft Takes a Humanist Approach to Restoring the Environment

Aloft wants to make players invested in fighting back a corruption by investing players in its environment, letting them make mistakes along the way.

Calico-Pawsome-Winter 1
Interview: Peachy Keen Discusses the Importance of Representation in Calico

During an interview with Game Rant, Peachy Keen's founder Kells discusses why good representation is important and how Calico aims to achieve it.

Calico-PS Release-Mount 1
How Cat Cafe Sim Calico Continues to Grow

As the founder of Peachy Keen Games told Game Rant in an interview, she has no intention of leaving the cuddly Calicoverse any time soon.

Calico-PS Release-Tutorial 1
Cozy Cat Cafe Calico Comes to PS4, PS5 After Three Years

Peachy Keen worked with porting specialists at Whitethorn Games to adapt Calico's unique gameplay and shaders to Sony's architecture.

Talos2-Presskit-Rings 1
The Talos Principle 2 Interview: Devs Talk AI, Influences, and More

Talos Principle 2 developers Jonas and Verena Kyratzes sit down with Game Rant to discuss the game's themes, influences, AI, and more.

Fallout76-WTC-Coriolanus1 1
Fallout 76's Wasteland Theatre Company Director Talks Coriolanus, Adaption, Community, and More

From classics like Alice in Wonderland to their recent performance of Coriolanus, the Wasteland Theatre Company keeps art alive in Fallout 76.

Talos2-Presskit-Cats-1 1
The Talos Principle 2's Writers Talk Relationship Between Humanity, Robots, and Cats

In a deep philosophical puzzler like The Talos Principle 2, it's no surprise that the writers have profound thoughts about cats' place in the world.

Fallout76-WTC-Coriolanus2-1 1
What Makes Games Like Fallout 76 a Great Way to Stage a Play

Game Rant speaks with The Wasteland Theatre Company's Northern_Harvest about what makes games like Fallout 76 good for staging plays.

Talos2-Presskit-Face 1
The Talos Principle 2's Writers Explore the Deep Humanity of Its AI Characters

In a Game Rant interview, The Talos Principle 2's writers detail the thought processes behind the very-human robotic and AI characters of the world.

fallout 76 wasteland theatre company 1
How Fallout 76's Wasteland Theatre Company Merges The Brotherhood of Steel With Shakespeare Coriolanus

Game Rant speaks with Fallout 76's Wasteland Theatre Company about the upcoming performance of Shakespare’s Coriolanus, framed in the game world.

Talos2-NewJerusalem-2 1
The Talos Principle 2 Writers Explain the Need for Optimistic Science Fiction

The Talos Principle 2 writers push hope even when the ideal Sci-Fi utopia is leaning into dark and gritty stories, Game Rant learns in an interview.

Broken Roads Key Art 1
Interview: How Broken Roads Evolved from Road Trip Simulator to Post-Apocalyptic CRPG

Game Rant spoke with a Broken Roads dev regarding the game's evolution during development and how it became a very Australian post-apocalyptic CRPG.

Broken Roads Moral Compass 1
The Moral Compass is Broken Roads' Most Revolutionary RPG Mechanic

Game Rant speaks with a Broken Roads dev about the game's Moral Compass, which is much a deeper feature than a simple good-versus-evil spectrum.

broken roads brookton pub 1
Post-Apocalyptic CRPG Broken Roads is Very, Very Australian

Game Rant sits down with one Broken Roads dev to learn more about its approach to depicting and embracing Western Australia.

FFXIV-Generic-MeteiaRP 1
Interview: Inside The Kweh, a Resource for New Final Fantasy 14 Roleplayers

Game Rant speaks with the man who spent a year interviewing Final Fantasy 14 fans to create the definitive beginners guide to roleplaying in Eorzea.

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